Belonging together

One thing I have learned is that shoots are much easier and fun as long as the people involved are having fun.  regardless of what kind of event it is, you can tell whether or not your subjects are really enjoying themselves or faking the funk.

Brandy and Rob – this was just that one moment that was soooooo full of love and this has been one of my all time favorite couples picture.

Carlos and his wife despite being married a short time, carried on like an old couple as they went in on the whole Paquiao v Mayweather fight. But, they photograph so naturally together with little direction.

DSC08928  DSC08844



Mike and Raina – these two were just fun to shoot…period.



The Fryes  –  Small gathering but big smiles.




The Rogers Wedding – it was an interesting one to be sure…


Grandmother, Mother and Daughter –  Something that many of us don’t make time to do…take pictures with our parents.  Kitty and mom took pics with grandmom. Three generations all in one shoot.



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  1. This was such a wonderful experience. Thanks for capturing the moment.


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