Favorite Sports Moments…thus far.

This is something that I am still working on.  What I love about the challenge of doing this is as you are trying to capture your favorite athletes up close and personal, you are also trying to capture them in action as well.   It’s really fun when you pore over 100s of shots afterwards and you find some that really stand out.

Derek Jeter’s last game vs Baltimore at Camden Yards 9/14/14

While I may not be a big baseball aficionado, I could not turn down the opportunity to see one of the games biggest players in his last game vs the O’s.  He went 0-4 and the shot below is his next to last at bat as well as some pre-game shots I got before it got under way.


Camden Yards at Dusk

Jeter in the batting cage


The Ravens…

This is more or less is where I developed my love of a good challenge of attempting to get a good sports picture.  As much as I loved watching them on TV there was nothing greater than seeing them in action. It’s taken a while for my style to evolve as I am still learning where to get the best spots possible to get a good shot. I have gotten many shots over the years and below are some of my favorites.

Ravens training camp.  Joe Flacco’s rookie year.  Somewhere among some of the shots I have Ray Rice’s pics too but…well.


Washington Football Team v Ravens December 9, 2012 –  I don’t know who was in more pain watching this game.  Ravens fans watching a ridiculously easy TD scored in the waning minutes to give the game away or watching RGIII go down on a hit that has had lasting effects to this day.

A few weeks later the NY Giants gifted Baltimore with a loss that would propel the Ravens into the playoffs and an eventual Super Bowl win.

…speaking of.   If you’re a sports fan and your team wins the big one, you owe it to yourself to go see the celebration because you never know when it may happen again.

Joe Speaks

Ray Speaks

and lastly…Ed.


So as my attention turned to the beautiful game, I realized that there are many opportunities to get great shots of some of the world’s greatest players.   One of the things I love most about this sport is because of the minimal amount of equipment the players wear, many are instantly recognizable.  In the 4 short years I have been following, I have gotten many big opportunities to see some of the best at work.  Still waiting on Messi tho…

USMNT vs Germany 6/2/2013

This has to be one of my favorite shots of Clint Dempsey as he is going into the box.  A lot of energy, finesse  and determination showing as he jostles for the ball.

If you can’t catch Lionel Messi, catch the next biggest thing…Cristiano Ronaldo.  This is him in action against Celtic in Philly August 2012

Manchester United July 28, 2014

So umm yeah…some of you know that I am a die hard fan of the team. So of course when they come this way, I am doing my best to get the best view in the house.   When I first saw them in 2011, I realized afterwards how under prepared I was camera-wise and opted to not make that same mistake again and it paid off.

A sight many fans thought that they would never see.  Rooney vs Vidic

For me, scoring opportunities are almost always a challenge to get but even seeing a near miss is a thing of beauty.

Catching a sublime header at the right time is great within itself as well


These are just a few of my favorites and I hope to have more coming soon.




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