So what is this here??


It’s Harry!!  And finally, I am creating a site in which to showcase some of my work.

I posted a few significant moments from this year and there will be more to come.

Excuse me as a few things shift around as I still build this site.

By the way, I will let you in on a little secret.   The magic number here is 12.   12 being that, on average, I plan on posting 12 pictures per blog.  It’s to keep your interest and keep you wondering what else I may have.  On rare occasions, I will post more per post.

If you know me, you know where the rest of the goodies are kept!

If you really enjoy my work and want to be a part of what I do, contact me and let’s make a shoot happen!

If you are behind the camera, let’s take a road trip!

Otherwise, enjoy what you see here!!!

Scroll down and just click away!


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