Welcome to Cosplay

For those of you that know me, cosplay is another hobby that I dabble in.   Most of my friends, have really made some extremely well crafted cosplay over the years and I have been fortunate enough to photograph them.  My preference is to utilise natural light and do very little processing afterwards.  What you get is a nearly clean version of the picture outside of whatever filters I use. I am not a big Photoshop kind of a person.  What you see and what i shoot will be what you get when it comes to this.

With cosplay, it’s not just a matter of waiting for Halloween to dress up.  It’s what we do as fans of comics, TV shows and movies and for many of us, it’s what we do as a community service as well.  But for all the hard work that many of us put into it, it takes but a moment to immortalize those costumes forever.

The Imps –  this was my very first shoot. I felt sorry for Jon, Wendell and the Harvey brothers…it was the weekend before Memorial Day and armor is HOT.  But they hung in there as I got some very good shots in.


How do they afford these on their salary?

Kiki’s Delivery Service

To be honest, this one I thought would have been difficult as you have to get a young lady to fly.  Not to mention it’s a solid black costume.   Hanna who is a really cool and bubbly person to be around helped me capture some wonderful shots and the idea we came up with for Kiki flying on her broom was masterful!   THANK YOU HAN PAN!!!!!


Winter Soldier – Another hot day, another hot costume and yet even hotter shots.   Liz and I had fun shooting these down on the Mall.  Did I tell you?  It’s a gender bent costume!


Star Wars – Dark Awakenings shoot –  I had the opportunity to do a shoot from some friends who are doing a Star Wars fan film.   All sorts of Sithy shenanigans took place,

Marvel Otakon shoot – I love my friends and I love that they enjoy their passion for cosplay.   So a bunch of us invaded the Inner Harbor (and even photo bombed a wedding shoot at one point) and got some magnificent shots atop Federal Hill



cos111 cos112 marv16



Cosplay Jesus.

Anderson is one of those guys that is serious about this cosplay and it shows not only through his cosplay but in his actions.  I was glad to have this opportunity to shoot him even as we both froze to death in February 2013.


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